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Roadmap Process

The Digital Music Research Roadmap was developed over three years. The project gathered information throughout this period from researchers and through a series of events coordinated by the DMRN. These were designed to initiate debate and discussion about the Roadmap and develop ideas about the future of research in this area.

The final form of the Roadmap was drawn together by a panel of experts who collated and wrote the final texts based upon their experience and expertise, along with submissions from a variety of people. These experts moderated and assessed contributions to the Roadmap project and devised the structure and content of the final Roadmap documentation.

The Roadmap process was guided by the Executive Committee of the DMRN (the founding members of the Digital Music Research Network).

Important additions and amendments to the final documentation were provided by the whole DMRN community, who were given the opportunity to edit and comment on the main components of the Roadmap in its draft form.

European Context

Opportunities to exchange information between the Sound to Sense, Sense to Sound project (S2S^2), supported by the European Commission, and the DMRN have been established .

The S2S^2 project coordinate activity related to digital music research across Europe and will produce a European roadmap for digital music research as an outcome of their activity. S2S^2 have no UK membership. Both DMRN and S2S^2 have invited speakers to inform their respective communities about the progress and goals of both roadmap projects.

Further discussions and communication will continue between S2S^2 and DMRN following the publication of the UK Roadmap for Digital Music Research.

Roadmap surveys

The Roadmap was developed with information gathered from UK researchers, Three surveys were conducted through the DMRN and related research networks:
  1. to determine the scope of digital music research in the UK (2003)
  2. to gather information to contribute directly to the roadmap documentation(2005)
  3. to identify the current activities of UK research groups (2005)
Information submitted under 1) and 3) has been collated into the UK Digital Music Research Snapshot document. Submissions made under 2) were integrated into the Roadmap, where possible.