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UK Research Snapshot

The UK has many active research groups working in digital music research. These groups publish their work in an international context and are making valuable contributions to both the development of knowledge and the development of the field.

The DMRN Roadmap project made two surveys of research activity to determine:
  1. the scope and extent of UK research in digital music;
  2. research specialisms of research groups and the focus of UK research activities.
The UK Research Snapshot provides a summary of digital music research activity and UK strengths in the field. It is a picture of current work. The Snapshot does not document all research activity in the UK connected to sound or music. The information collated here consists of data gathered via surveys of DMRN members, research groups, representatives of the UK digital music industry and students. All contributors have chosen to represent themselves or prompted groups outside of the network to submit information. All network partners were asked to contribute to the snapshot. The Snapshot focuses on digital music research, defined under Scope.

The UK Research Snapshot provides:
  • Evidence of research activity in a wide range of digital music topics
  • An outline of UK research strengths in digital music
  • A "picture" of current activity in the field
  • A resource for researchers and students