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UK Research Snapshot


A survey was conducted in 2003 by the DMRN. UK research groups were asked to submit information about published papers that highlighted their research activities under a series of headings.

The published papers supported the following topics and defined the scope of UK based research in digital music.

UK researchers are active in the fields of:
  1. Acoustics
  2. Audio analysis
    including machine recognition of audio; machine recognition of music
  3. Audio dissemination systems
  4. Audio engineering
  5. Audio signal processing
  6. Digital music content generation
    including algorithmic composition, computer and electroacoustic music composition, and environments for creative work
  7. Education in music and technology systems
  8. Human computer interfacing for music and audio
  9. Interactive performance systems
  10. Information systems for audio
  11. Musical applications of artificial intelligence
  12. Music data structures and representations
  13. Music information retrieval
  14. Music notation
  15. Music in the context of other Media
  16. Performance interfaces for music and interactivity
  17. Psychoacoustics, perception, cognition of music and audio
  18. Sound synthesis
  19. Sound reproduction technologies
    including surround sound
  20. Timbre
  21. Tools for music analysis
  22. Vocal production and singing